Our core values:

Innovative and quality production in accordance with customer demands at a reasonable price
Prompt response to customer requests
Honesty and integrity in all matters
Learn more about a single type of Middle East:

One Type Middle East Company was established in 1991 as the most experienced company producing four hospital equipments. In 1993, this company was honored to receive a certificate of industrial medical activity from the Ministry of Industries and Mines, and in 1995, the products of this company were approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

From the very beginning, we have made innovation and quality production as the basic value in the production of our products so that we can provide world-class products at a reasonable price to the country's healthcare community. This has caused the medical centers and hospitals of the country to have a lot of trust in this company, so that today, in every part of Iran, the production equipment of Tak Middle East Company can be seen in hospitals and medical centers. Also, from the beginning of our activity until now, by equipping more than 500 medical-diagnostic centers, we have been the leader in equipping medical centers in this industry, and customer trust has been the most valuable asset for this company.

The company has complied with world-class standards in quality assurance of manufactured products and has succeeded in receiving ISO13485-2003 and ISO9001-2015 certifications from the BRS International Organization, which is one of the most reputable quality assurance certification authorities.


The vision of Tak Middle East Company:

One Type Middle East Company in the perspective of 1400 is the largest manufacturer of quadruple hospital equipment in Iran, which produces 50% of the total needs of medical centers in the country. Relying on production power, excellent quality and speed of response, we have been the leading exporter of quadruple hospital equipment to neighboring countries in the vision of 1400.



We are one of the largest Iranian manufacturers in the field of quadruple hospital equipment, which, by emphasizing on quality production and fast response, we have tried to provide a valuable service to the healthcare community.

Tak-e-Middle East, as the oldest manufacturer of quadruple equipment in Iran, has always been known as a leading and model company for other companies active in this field, and has dozens of patents, including clinical sinks, scrub sinks, autopsy tables. , Two-hole dark desk, baby bath, treatment tub, laboratory laminar hood in two models, models A and B, radiology film dryer, etc., is still known as a leading company in this industry.

Our strong point and advantage is the benefit of efficient people and capable research and development team along with equipment - single

(High Tech) is a product that allows us to be flexible in producing the equipment needed by customers in the shortest time, according to their request.

In order to equip medical centers in accordance with safe hospital standards and accreditation, we have provided a free consultation for medical centers under construction, equipment or in need of development by using a team of capable consultants so that we can take social responsibility. Do our best.


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